About Jagdishbhai Dani's Classes

“Great personalities are not created, but nurtured very carefully”

The supreme objective of education is nurturing the mind first, and then preparing it for the outside world.

At JDC’s, we believe that every student is precious, and it is essential that every student discovers their true potential by breaking all limitations of incompetence. And in order for true potential to be discovered, the mind must be nurtured within.

We have highly qualified teachers who have years of experience in the field of education and exemplary command over their own domain of study. In addition, they are ones who understand exactly what the student needs, in terms of a nourishing and nurturing academic guidance.

Teachers who respond to students’ learning difficulties and doubts with patience are the need of the hour- considering the increasing level of toughness of problems and the cut- throat competition all around.

Innovating teaching practices into ones that strengthen the teaching-learning process, our mission is to stimulate the spirit of scientific enquiry and discovery in academics, in the minds of our students. By providing state-of-the-art institutional infrastructure and excellent human resources we foster a better educational environment.

Our vision is to be recognized as a premier educational institution that practices quality pedagogy, encourages innovation while instilling values and providing a vibrant environment for the holistic development of students into valuable global citizens.

Director’s Desk

Dear Students,

I, Jagdishbhai Dani, would like to introduce you with this institution. The main fundamental of this institution is to see smile on the faces of students, who had been from this institution, several years back. Smile? Yes, the smile.

Since 38 years, This institution and My self are working our heart out for spreading this smile.

We have been constantly thinking to provide students, with whatever the best is. We have come up with lots of new ideas in the field of education under our roof, starting from coordinate geometry stencil to the formation of Ranker’s Batch. We have given number of facilities, just for the betterment of students at no extra cost.

Which includes, test series, moderation of papers, parents meeting, extra lectures on Physics problem, difficulty solving lectures, lectures for languages, library for NEET students, appreciation of students scoring good marks, motivation to students for securing good results, homework & attendance files for each student, and much more.
All these innovative ideas come to mind, just because of our determination to give the best to the students.

This attitude of providing best to our students, the faith kept in us by our past students, and the Grace of God, are the only reasons of success of JDC’s for 38 years in this competitive field.

Looking forward to see a smile on your face by us.

– Jagdishbhai Dani

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How Are We Different?

Sailent Features

We have a great team of highly qualified and experienced professors. The lecture schedule is always extremely well-planned and we make sure it is adhered to by the students as well as the professors.

Test Programme

We would also like to mention that the study material for Std. XI, XII and MHT-CET/NEET/JEE(Main) is prepared after hours of careful planning by a well-qualified and experienced team of professors.

Pro Batch

Every Sunday, two topic-wise tests are held for students of std. XI and std. XII, commencing in the second week of July 2018 and ending around mid-December 2019.

parents experr (1)
  • Keep enquiring about attendence and performance regularly of your ward. This will make your ward aware about your intrest in their success
  • Please provide proper environment condusive for studies at home. Do not take your child to social meets unless and until extremely urgent. That kind of things distracts the child and wastes a lot of time.
  • Constantly motivate your child to keep on improving his/her result. Instill self belief and confidance in him. keep your ward in good mood and let him/her enjoy studies.
  • You have to handle him/her in the most judicious manner possible-neither interference nor indifference helps. Please applaud for a good performance. Pull him/her out of bouts of depression, if any. A pat on the back, a gentle smile, words of comfort ….. can work wonders.
  • You have to yourself be a role model for your child through your actions & gestures
  • A factor of major concern is your child’s health, which may fail during the hectic schedule. He/She has to avoid outside food and water. Provide with a wholesome, nourishing home cooked diet so that he/she can tackle the gruelling schedule.
  • Do not change your goal or dream to become a professional in science, just because of changing syllabus , And level of difficulty. Easy going never made legends.
  • Be dedicated and have focus on your goal
  • Constantly motivate your child to keep on improving his/her result. Instill self belief and confidance in him. keep your ward in good mood and let him/her enjoy studies.
  • Heights by great men reached and kept were not obtained by sudden flight but while their companions slept, they were toiling upwards in the night. – Henry Wardsworth Longfellow
  • Do not let any one or any thing distract you from your goal
  • Restrict the use of things like mobile, computer games, Intenet, Facebook, Whatsapp etc. which deviate you from your goal.
  • Be healthy compititor in studies with your friends.
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